Thursday, February 17, 2011


Jacques Antoine, creator of shoes and boots for the prestigious Comedie Francaise theater in Paris is a dying breed.

This master craftsman who creates shoes for the discreetly unnamed happy few from around the world, has worked in the field for the past 58 years. But he has no young assistants to whom he wants to entrust his skills.

And those skills are formidable. His array of custom made shoes and boots made from noble skins such as crocodile to snake surround him in his charming boutique/atelier on a winding street in the Marais.

“I am too impatient “says the master,” I am unable to teach anyone.” But he does have the patience to exercise his craft : to carefully draw the foot, carve out a wooden mold, produce a prototype and after a careful fitting create the perfect shoe or boot.

He welcomes the idiosyncratic client with special wishes, but “I am very independent”says he.
“I only work with clients I like..”

Chaussures sur mesure
11 rue des Tournelles
75004 Paris
33(O)1 42 78 99 47

[Photos © Megan Leahy]

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